The TV set of Apple can not seem this year

The TV set of Apple can not seem this year

New product of Apple which should stir up the market and compel competitors to clutch at the head, there can absolutely be a long-awaited TV set. Despite that fact that many analysts predict its emergence this year, the TV set can be late within the precincts of the company for an indefinite term.

Analyst Richard Greenfield considers that the Apple will not turn out to let out own TV set this year on a number of events. And even Tim Cook’s revelation that the television is in the sphere of interests of the company, hardly will affect the current situation.

According to the analyst, start of such global product will put some of very difficult questions before the American company. For example, the Apple should consider all regional restrictions, to think up more perfect system of protection of a content and to adhere to rules of a neutrality of television broadcasting networks.

In and without that a difficult situation competitors also are going to interfere. Intel plans to start the variation on the subject of television this year. At this time the Apple sprays forces, preparing Internet providers for high requirements of future novelty. After all to provide satisfactory quality of a broadcasting – one of basic components of future success. For this reason to expect large-scale start of TVs of Apple worldwide it is not necessary.