New nano is expected this spring

New nano is expected this spring of

After many months calm us suddenly fell down to a meeting so much инфы about new iPod nano that to a miracle you are given. At first four photos, and at present also some technical details with exit terms in addition.

M.I.C resource. Gadget for its part confirmed reliability of yesterday’s pictures. According to them, on a photo — the most real nano with the 1,3-megapixel chamber … which delivers to engineers of Apple many efforts. Literally from the primary source:

The chamber is armed with a lens with an autodiaphragm that at bright light and, as a result, at the small sizes of a window of a diaphragm can lead to diffraction and image degradation. In a word, this chamber shoots the reexhibited scenes.

Bad news: the model of two-month prescription (can be, we and we see it on a photo) with discrepancy did not understand. Excellent: in all the rest that model is the final version without 5 minutes. The interface of management of the chamber from the monitor is ready even! To handymen remained only «допилить» a sensor, and the player will be completely ready to release.

When? Contrary to different traditions — at the end of the first or first the second quarter, tells M.I.C. Gadget. [mic gadget] would be desirable to trust …