AR.Drone – a toy for big boys

AR.Drone - a toy for big boys

Time is not necessary on a place, and from concepts and ideas we pass to a real product. Parrot company AR.Drone – result of mixture of several interesting technical concepts. It is the kvadro-helicopter on the remote control, piloted by means of the appendix for iPhone/iPod Touch.

The program provides video translation in real time from the built-in chamber of the helicopter, and, not including that, supports the added reality.

The free supplement in App Store is called as AR.FreeFlight, and it is necessary for a sheaf and management of Dron. After installation and function, you will have two options of flight control. In a mode for beginners users detain the button being in the left part of the screen that allows to operate helicopter by means of the accelerometer iPhone. Incline phone on it is left, and Dron plans on is left, forward – it will depart forward, etc. On the right side of the screen there is a virtual joystick for growth and height reduction, it also develops the helicopter. In the advanced mode for management only the screen joystick is used. Level of a charge of the AR.Drone battery is displayed on the "panel" screen.

Interesting fact: Dron does the Wi-Fi a network for connection with the device of remote control.

AR.Drone - a toy for big boys

The added reality enters game via the face-to-face VGA chamber of the helicopter, providing picture transfer on the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch. The special integrated effects do feeling of flight on real "revolving object". In an accessory there is also the 2nd chamber located from below and attached to the module of inertial measurement. He allows AR.Drone to measure horizontal speed. Fortunately or to chagrin, AR.Drone hum very loud to spy for neighbors through a window.

AR.Drone - a toy for big boys

The helicopter is made of karbonovy materials and the strengthened PA66 plastic. It is delivered with 2 cases: one with protection of screws for flights indoors, and the 2nd for the street where blades remain open. Under its "cowl" it is possible to find the Parrot P6 ARM926 468MHz, 128MB DDR RAM processor, and 128MB a flash memory. All this works under control of Linux.

To chagrin, the demountable battery of a bespilotnik maintains only about 12 minutes of flight, and asks 90 minutes for a full charging. Thus, for long flights it is necessary to receive additional batteries. While you yet did not make a final decision, pay attention that this pleasure not from the cheap. During the real moment of AR.Drone realizes only Brookstone on the prices in $299, and not very well what additional battery will cost to you $29.95.