Features of shooting on iPhone 4S

Features of shooting on iPhone 4S

As one of the main pluses of iPhone 4S Apple allocates the chamber. Kupertinovtsa not without reason predetermined to a 8-megapixel sensor kind eight minutes of the presentation. More precisely, not so. They predetermined eight minutes to the device of the chamber and that leaves as a result — to photos and clips. But they did not tell how shooting depends on the processor.

Speaking about fast shooting and stabilization, it is impossible to forget that in the device the Apple A5 chip is established. Our employee Devin Koldevey from a site TechCrunch came up with only the right idea:

With these small sensors the main — it not obtaining the image from the chamber, and is more quick than it processing, code conversion and demonstration to the user.

Devin means that "features" the chamber 4S should not so much to a design of a sensor and lenses, how many the fast analysis of images. Developing A5, engineers of Apple were guided directly by graphics processing. At present fruits of their work are used for electronic stabilization when shooting video (the optical stabilizer simply would not be located). The system analyzes a picture and on the basis of the found data compensates small fluctuations:

On similar system the accelerated shooting of a photo works. Power of A5 allows to process and keep pictures for 30 % quicker. Tim Cook’s words about not knowing to themselves iron equal to integration and software receive a certain sense … [techcrunch]