Tim Cook did not long to have legal proceedings about Samsung

Tim Cook did not long to have legal proceedings about Samsung

This week Reuters published curious article — «Apple and Samsung, bewitched friends». The attention of many was involved by cutting from a recent past of the Apple, devoted to Tim Cook and his relation to prospect of judicial proceedings about Samsung. It appears, Tim actively opposed the idea of court, but as a result Steve Jobs and his passion to revenge prevailed.

Eight years ago Apple belonged to Samsung absolutely on another.

The memory market in 2005 was extremely unstable, and for Apple longed to choose the supplier who had faultless currency characteristics. Samsung held about 50 percent of the market NAND flash memory then.

And Steve Jobs too. On hearings, he believed that Samsung will supervise the market of these a component in the near future — and consequently stopped the choice directly on them. In plans there were iPod shuffle, iPod nano and iPhone. Successful cooperation in this sphere set in motion the new contract — already on joint development and production of mobile processors. But to Apple took under the control all process of development soon, and since that moment Samsung is engaged only in creation.

Affairs between management Samsung and Apple were warm since in 2005 the descendant of the founder of the Korean company, Whether Jay Ю, was invited to a dinner to Jobs’s residence in Palo-Alto. Thanks to partnership at such level, Samsung has an opportunity to look after strategy and Apple actions in the market, also to its calculations on the future — including on the market of phones.

In 2010 Samsung declared that popularity of iPhone — the myth.

Popularity of iPhone — only an admiration consequence from any fanatics of Apple.

— Choi Jay Sung, president Samsung then

But in the company ruled other mood. One of letters for employees said:

Emergence of iPhone means that came to change time our methods.

— Jay Kay Shin, Samsung operating of "mobile" division

Exit of phones of a line of Galaxy repeating iPhone not only on external qualities, well and in ON, it was met in Apple with expected horror and misunderstanding. Tim Cook and Steve Jobs invited representatives Samsung to itself in a campus and openly showed discontent in hope that that will change the "copied" elements. For Kupertinovtsa decided to wait, but in 2011 thought that their arrangements did not conceive force — on the market there was Galaxy Tab, many perceived as real "clone" of iPad.

Tim Cook, concerned it is critical the necessary relations with suppliers, opposed vessels about Samsung. But Steve Jobs’s patience burst because of suspicions that Samsung hoped for these affairs in quality of protection against Apple punishment.

According to Reuters, prolonged fight between 2 giants, most likely, will be complete from Apple giving. That fact that Tim Cook never supported idea of judicial proceedings — and once admitted it not — does the similar end very probable. Last year Apple decided to diversify deliveries a component for protection against similar incidents further. This process will take a lot of time, and now the Apple simply does not presume completely and to be released sharply from the services Samsung in production of screens, memory and processors.

At all this, real complexity of a situation and its heat are very much exaggerated by mass media:

People beat all this, because for their it something like the drama. But realities of business consist that the temperature here is not so high at all.

— The unnamed lawyer accepting a role in the course of Apple against Samsung

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