Wash «a brick with a screen». Ballistic HC

Wash «a brick with a screen». Ballistic HC

In the recent review of protective films Roman Yuryev said the phrase:

Others opposite — try to fence the devices from all hardship and vicissitudes of life, dressing them in reliable covers and мегачехлищи even if those turn an accessory into a certain similarity of a brick with a screen.

It hooked on me, because just with such cover I go not one month. Now I will show you and I will prove, of that I am not afraid.

I am not afraid:
– iPhone 4 falling on asphalt from the 3rd meters;
– Device throws about a wall when the blow is the share of an edge;
– Phone moving by car wheels;
– Zataptyvany in weight of the iPhone which have slipped out hands as it happened in Domodedovo on December 26.

As you thought, I rejected all fears that I will break the screen, I will break the case, покарябаю the back panel. Naturally, it is possible to take an axe and to cut the American dream, but in usual life my iPhone we do not kill. And all this thanks to Ballistic HC cover.

Wash «a brick with a screen». Ballistic HC

At the 1st look of Ballistic HC looks an awkward elephant, as UAZ "Patriot" against Infinity FX35. At the 2nd look your outlook affirms even more. On 3rd you it would be desirable to throw glossy iPhone 4 32 Gb (Italy) on a floor and to look that with it happens. That to postpone, let’s throw.

P.S. I took a cover in Moscow for 2800 rub. If for whom it is necessary, I can give for 2000 rub, as on the way pair more of accessories. In a set still there is a fastening holster. In States of Ballistic HC there are $50.