The expert about the reasons of a choice of Lightning instead of micro-USB

The expert about the reasons of a choice of Lightning instead of micro-USB
iPhone 5, iPod touch of the 5th generation and the 7th iPod nano — all Trinity of new devices is armed 8-пиновым konnektory Lightning. In this regard the Apple is shown to a meeting by two claims. In – 1-x, whether it was impossible to remain with the 30-pinovy socket, that without complicating life to users, producers of accessories? And in – 2-x, the socket it was necessary to change time — that why not for micro-USB? The last is popular everywhere, universal — that in it vile?

Bad is. And it concerns both the sizes, and a socket raspinovka.

Skilled programming engineer Reyner Brokerkhoff (one name of that costs) protects the Apple decision again to be released from micro-USB in favor of own decision:

All ask, why the Apple was not used by micro-USB? The answer is simple: such socket is not enough «умён». In it only 5 contacts: +5 volts, "earth", 2 contacts for transfer of figures and the connection sensor therefore many functions dock-konnektora — not including direct and synchronization — would not earn a charging. Not including that, contacts are so small that no producer of tips or forks could provide a current suitable for iPad in 2 amperes.

It if to tell about technical preconditions, and after all there is still a business, in what Apple got used to supervise all and all. Eventually, Lightning can be inserted though what party that absolutely even it is excellent.

Observing the European agreement, the Apple let’s to all clients get from the Old World an adapter from own new konnektor on micro-USB (? 15 in Great Britain). As well as the analog for the 30-pinovy socket, the small adapter will be necessary, because the marketing chief of Apple Phil Schiller guaranteed bright future of Lightning. Passions round it will cease already soon. [idb]