[CES 2013] the Film of Amzer will protect iPhone from a drill of

[CES 2013] the Film of Amzer will protect iPhone from a drill of

At an exhibition of consumer CES 2013 electronics the most interesting was shown much, at all this not only among devices, like Sony Xperia Z, well and accessories, for example, Incipio megacovers for iPhone or magic nano – protection of Liquipel 2.0. The Amzer company too decided to surprise users of iPhone and other portable gadgets worrying about protection of the monitor from scratches. Its new film so strong, what even confronts to drill influence. Directly it and was shown by the nice representative of Amzer on a board.

It should be noted that it is a question not of a glass skrinprotektor, and it is direct about the film. Judging by with what work it came unstuck from the monitor and at all this was stretched, it is possible to present that the film from a certain polymeric composite is executed. Similar technologies use ZAGG, Spigen SGP and many other different producers of accessories and protective films.

After all, Amzer positions the decision as unique, advancing it not only as protection against scratches, well and from blows and falling. Here, for example, very entertaining test with a hammer:

Interestingly, how many it was broken iPhone screens before removed this double? 😉

Film expensive: the bigger set turning iPhone into the DU panel wrapped in a cellophane package, will cost $60, only a skrinprotektor — in $30. [iMore]

P.S. A little to dispel a marketing hell of producers, here the real krash-test of a such protective film (Frenkill thanks):