Operating experience of Spigen SGP GLAS.tR glass for iPhone 5. Again bubble

Operating experience of Spigen SGP GLAS.tR glass for iPhone 5. Again bubble of

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In the review of a glass skrinprotektor of Spigen SGP GLAS.tR I promised through a two-three of months to tell about operating experience of this accessory. It is interesting first against troubles with previous generation — GLAS.t. Whether the company dely with edges coming unstuck over time could win? Not absolutely. Read about it below in more detail.

About the good

Before starting «to kick glass with feet», I would long to tell about the positive moments of its use. And it is concrete, on convenience of operation any plastic or polymeric film is still incapable to be compared to high-grade glass. There is no impact on the image, plus a finger slides on a surface of GLAS.tR as well as on the iPhone screen.

Operating experience of Spigen SGP GLAS.tR glass for iPhone 5. Again bubble of

On phone the accessory "hung" more than 3 months and, naturally, at this time I especially did not worry about safety of the monitor, wiped it about what got, from time to time put glass down, generally, did not strain. All the same the skrinprotektor is pasted, and it was necessary to test it perfectly. Did not scratch, though not so and tried. Naturally, at desire it is possible to ruin everything, everything, but in hardness of GLAS.tR it is not necessary to hesitate — full analog of that glass that costs on iPhone 5.

Not including that, even during review writing I made experiment with a glass perekleivaniye as the 1st time it laid down crooked. Finally pair of small vials with edge, in the lower right part was formed. Feared that they will quickly expand to decent spots, but it did not leave, and the size of bubbles remained in 3,5 months the same:

Operating experience of Spigen SGP GLAS.tR glass for iPhone 5. Again bubble of

About features

I personally did not feel slightly increased weight of an accessory, but each active user of iPhone 5 who took my phone in hands, noted that it is heavier ordinary. It is necessary to consider it. Though an increase in weight there small — to 10 гр.

That fact that far not with all covers compatibly this glass as by 0,5 mm increases thickness of phone is more important. For example, in панч the device with a glass skrinprotektor though is located with Spigen SGP Crumena, but enters and is taken with a certain effort. Chekhly-flipy the Spigen SGP Argos type are not so densely closed, after all superfluous 0,5 mm have an effect.

Not including that, the effect when the picture as though soars over the screen practically disappears. It is a trifle and but when I unstuck glass, with special force felt all high from the monitor executed on technologies of a full laminatsiya. In other words, without an air layer between layers, plus the touch panel is built in directly protective glass.

Again bubble

Practically, it was the most burning moment of experience. Whether will start glass to come unstuck along the edges how it left in a case with the first generation on personal iPad and on Galaxy Note of the companion? I will not pull a cat for a causal place and I will answer a meeting — yes, the juicy bubble in a corner appeared:

Operating experience of Spigen SGP GLAS.tR glass for iPhone 5. Again bubble of

At all this it got out sharply and actually in a week expanded time in two. Thus, glass sustained slightly more than 3 months, but it is necessary to consider two moments. the 1st — the producer on packing of a skrinprotektor warns that the bumper or with the analog covering edges of glass is better to use it to a descent with a type cover. I with such not заморачивался and iPhone 5 generally was as poor as a church mouse.

The 2nd moment — as obliges it is necessary to dress constantly phone in different accessories, at all this there are moments when the accessory is decently squeezed, braided, etc. It too gives the negative effect on a glass skrinprotektor.

For descriptive reasons wrote down video and in it, not including demonstrations of flaws of GLAS.tR, by tradition, process of a brutal otkleivaniye of an accessory is shown:

In the dry rest

What here to tell? Skrinprotektor of darling is better to use it together with a bumper, plus a little grows weight and thickness of iPhone 5. On the other hand, the true candidate to such glass yet did not think up, and on tactile feelings for me it remains a prototype.

It should be noted also that in Spigen SGP now work over the third generation of such accessories, which main difference — in the thickness reduced twice. Theoretically it will solve as dely comparability to covers, and to a gradual otkleivaniye of a skrinprotektor. As new GLAS.tR will come into the hands, surely about it I will write.