Expert: iPhone 5S and 5th iPad leave in the summer, iTV — autumn of

Expert: iPhone 5S and 5th iPad leave in the summer, iTV — autumn of
In the expiring year of Apple excited rates of release of devices in comparison with the 2011th. That there are one only three iPad models: 3rd and 4th generations, also iPad mini. In investment office Jefferies & Co. consider that Apple it is full of determination and from now on to "fire" at the market new products with enviable frequency.

For investors the managing director of Jefferies Peter Maysek began the today’s text with discussion of prospects of iPhone. The model 5S, according to him, should seem in the first half of summer. iPod touch is similar, it will be available in several flowers (from 6 to 8), and the improved chamber, the capacious battery, the NFC and "super-HD-display" chip inside will be found. But all this florets because already iPhone 6(!) models about a flash memory to 128 Gb, by the A7 chip and the IGZO screen from Sharp now are with might and main tested. In phone of the following generation of Apple eventually will refuse the Home button.

Further — it is more. Ill-fated IGZO adapt and for planshetnik that will allow to let out iPad of the 5th generation to a descent with iPhone 5S: the planshetnik will be inexpressibly very narrow and easy, actually as iPad mini … By the way, it too will update. Will add the Retina-display, will present a new coloring and so on.

Eventually, iTV — with voice-activated control through the television Siri version and gestures (in air?). The uniform TV-solution if to trust St. Petersburg, will start only in the autumn — in September or October. To all fault currency difficulties of Sharp and big percent of marriage by production of huge monitors on the basis of the same IGZO.

Maysek in a past not once was trapped, but it became clear later that its predictions coincided with initial plans of Apple. In any case, the 2013th promises to be interesting. [macrumors]