iPad – the typewriter

iPad - the typewriter

The keyboard for iPad – quite unclear adaptation which turns an ultra-mobile tablet into a set for picnic. But there is also other party of a medal: it can be used to decorate an interior or to make reminiscence on guests. What such in particular in the keyboard for iPad? Yes, in general, anything, if only it not the keyboard in the form of the classical typewriter!

Jack Zylkin brings to your attention the beautiful retrogadget, capable to return you on some 10-ov years back. Connected through Camera Connection Kit, the device at the price of everything in $75 dollars will awaken in you nostalgia whereas the real typewriter will cost to you $400 – $500.

Naturally, this veshchichka will not change the ordinary keyboard if you really use it, but it becomes exact a quite good ornament for your table in an office of the house or in an office. Not including that, it can appear quite good entertainment for children, and you can show them as everything began even before emergence of computers. [usbtypewriter.com]