JBL OnBeat Xtreme: an extreme sound for iPad and not only

JBL OnBeat Xtreme: an extreme sound for iPad and not only

The Apple loves the JBL company, offers mass of its products in the on-line shop and in retail too, not less it is loved also by resellers. Practically with "apple" equipment it is possible to find something in each outlet from JBL. What reason of such popularity, after all equipment of the company costs much in comparison with competing decisions? She is not afraid to experiment, without the aid of others does loudspeakers for own "experiments" and achieves sounding quite good the characteristic even from enough malekhanky speaker systems. The hero of this news it is far not small and inside contains not only some powerful loudspeakers, well and some useful addition. It is a question of such product as JBL OnBeat Xtreme for iPad which actually is the increased JBL OnBeat version.

Despite an oriyentirovannost for the Apple tablet, an accessory perfectly works and with other iГаджетами, beginning from iPod nano 2G and finishing the different iPhone models. the 2nd pleasant prize is that the seat for iPad simply spins with one hand: it is possible to use an accessory in portrait and landscape orientation. the 3rd, I would say, the megabonus — is the built-in module Blyutuz, about it we will have a talk in more detail.

Applications for Blyutuz in the device the weight though function this adapter does one — catches a sound on the wireless channel. Practically, thanks to it it is possible to transfer to acoustics of audio practically with though what musical accessory with the suitable module. There is no Blyutuz, it doesn’t matter! Connect the device a wire through 3,5-millimetric аудиоджек. Not including that, it is possible is weakened to remove iPad or iPhone from a docking station and to continue to play or look video, at all this will sound JBL OnBeat Xtreme action, using Blyutuz — with comfort.

And still the USB cable is connected to the device for synchronization of iГаджетов with the personal computer without disconnection from acoustics which besides besides recharges them. Though, in the light of emergence of Wi-fi of synchronization in iOS 5, such functionality is not so actual any more as earlier, but it is better, when possibility is, than when it is not present.

In a musical docking station also there is the amplifier in capacity 4х30 Watt and four acoustic radiators: two Twitter of JBL Ridge and steam shirokodiapazonny JBL Atlas loudspeaker. The range of reproduced frequencies is in borders from 20 to 20000 Hz, and the built-in microphone allows to use an accessory as a Bluetooth-speakerphone. The novelty weight complete with which the DU compact panel is delivered, makes 4 kg. The estimated cost of JBL OnBeat Xtreme is in borders of $500 and in sale the accessory should arrive in the next some weeks (in some regions already arrived).