New iPad shot and knocked down

New iPad shot and knocked down

Not the worst optics from 5 lenses against a handful of cartridges of calibre of.223 Remington.  3 145 728 pixels against 20 steel darts. The biggest 73 Mb a second against pair of huge bullets. Numbers not in favor of iPad.

Unruly Richard «RatedRR» Ryan continues to make genocide among hi-tech devices. After autumn execution over iPhone 4S Richard залёг on a bottom now fully equipped to oppose iPad of the third generation.

For an ostrastka Ryan gave on a snow-white planshetnik turn from HK53 — the compact version of the German Heckler & Koch HK33 machine gun with the truncated trunk. Surprisingly, but between holes from bullets the Retina screen kept the integrity, to those hinting Richard that it so simply will not take.

Then something went to business more seriously. The smooth-bore shot-gun of Benelli M4 Super 90 at the expense of smart system with gas cylinders is recharged by the machine gun. And it is pleasant, because for completion of business it was required to make not one, and two shots. At first Ryan used the cartridge stuffed флешеттами. These steel arrows darts are forbidden for realization in the majority of states because of own armor-piercing characteristics. That to the second boss, in it the mentioned pair of bullets fastened by the strongest steel cord contained. Result you can look on a bigger screenshot.

[cult of mac]

After — video of other sense, but approximately with the same ending. Now iPad met a little zarzhavlenny bucket of the excavator: