The review of a film of Bodyguardz Screenguardz HD Anti-glare/Anti-fingerprint for iPod touch of the 5th generation

Surely, the screen of the mobile device is that part to which we pay attention almost always. And to the person typically to long the best that he can receive at work with it. Partially, for the screen protective films, whether it be protection against scratches, fingerprints or reduction of patches of light can provide it. And even all to a meeting, as, for example, in Spigen Ultra Optics which the company, "raising a smile", any more does not let out. In the today’s review it will be a question of a new series of protective films from Bodyguards – Screenguardz HD Anti-glare/Anti-fingerprint for the last generation of Apple iPod touch players.

Revolutionary PET material

The producer assures that new films are made of thermoplastic (or from полиэтилентерефталата if so it it it is more convenient) which reduces thickness and increases a film krepkost, also protects from patches of light and fingerprints. The film really very very narrow, approximately is twice thinner than the Chinese Noname. Skrinprotektor is on sale in charming packing from a dense white cardboard with qualitative polygraphy for 15 American dollars.

In packing are:

• Films (them here two, one spare);
• Instruction on a sticker;
• Безворсoвaя a rag and a plastic card for smoothing of bubbles;
• Kупон on a discount of 20 % upon the following purchases.

All cuts (and them a little – only two – and the Home button) are suitable for the chamber absolutely. They, and as a contour of a film are made with a space ~ 0.5 mm. The film is pasted in the dry way: on the back party there is the small silicone layer holding it on the screen.

Pluses …

One of functions of opaque protective films – to reduce a visibility of fingerprints. Really, on their this film there is simply minute quantity in comparison with devstvenno spotless screen.

As it is magnificent, antiblikovy films receive for protection against patches of light. From their film protects as well as though what analog of this kind – them very little in a sunny weather, and houses at the switched-off screen the forward panel and the screen seem to a whole – any patches of light, only blackness, only a hardcore. Конeчно, it is necessary to tell thanks of In-Cell of technology, but not to see the reflection and picturesque light sources in the screen – it is inexpressible. More precisely, patches of light do not disappear anywhere: they simply "dissipate" on a film surface. Practically, for this reason the choice fell on an opaque film: I hate patches of light.

As, Screenguardz HD reduces a friction between a finger and the screen and pleasant feelings as though you drive a finger on something rough are created. That I do not love in the Chinese analogs – so it that the finger slides with very bolshushchy noise. If you near at hand have a wood table, carry out on it a finger is there will be a half of the noise published by the Chinese film.

It would be desirable to note big plus: a film inexpressibly very narrow – practically flush with the Home button

… and minuses

Probably, the unique minus of opaque films is so-called granularity of the image: the screen seems covered in million small points of different flowers. It will be very appreciable on the Retina display. I was a little surprised, when after the HD installation of a skrinprotektor found this grain. To what then in such film HD prefix? Unclear. But, frankly speaking, I already got used to it, after all contrast, brightness and a color rendition of the screen remained at tremendous level. It was first very sad from "grain" on the screen: all advantage of the Retina technology was removed on the 2nd plan by these awful "kernels". But, having used an opaque film approximately for about a week, they began to irritate me much less. This film simply has no other shortcomings.

We sum up

The new product from Bodyguardz left good: a qualitative very narrow film, beautiful packing, and as a discount card that is very pleasant. The only thing that not absolutely arranged, so it is the price of $15. For such the price it would be possible to put three films or to add in a set spirit napkins and an adhesive tape for dust removal: the set from Spigen SGP includes all this for the same $15.

Verdict – 4 of 5. A minus one for "granularity" and a delivery set.