Apple revised requirements to accessories of c Lightning

Apple revised requirements to accessories of c Lightning

The drawing attention recipe to a clone of Kickstarter is simple, as clear as a day. For a start it is necessary to make a site. Later to think up any accessory for Apple devices, to draw beautiful pictures and to make "prototype" of a papier-mache. Feasibility of idea is not welcomed and in general at all принципна. After that enough to dispatch information in steam 10-ov of thematic blogs. As the sum of collected means will pass for a suitable mark, it is necessary to remember in a flash about incomparability of the project with reality/rules/parade of planets and to cancel it, having laid the blame on Apple. And later to suggest all "shareholders" to be enclosed once again, but already on the "correct" portal.

Perhaps, directly according to such scenario the history with POP accessory developed. But Apple took absolutely unexpected step, than put the founder of the project which has already skimmed all "cream", in bolshushchy confusion.

POP — is the naruzhny battery for the mobile devices, having some USB ports for additional charge of connected gadgets. On it it would be possible to end the accessory description, for the such — a dime a dozen.

POP is equipped with the cables hidden inside — to you to unwind certain of them enough and to connect the sat-down device. Including two cables with 30-pinovy sockets, and two more — with Lightning sockets were provided. Here also there was a discrepancy.

POP the status of officially approved accessory (Made for iPhone) because of existence of the 1st adapter for devices with ports 30-pin and Lightning refused to award Apple. This requirement for certification was accepted for a long time, but the founder of POP made big noise and scandal, having closed all project and having refused to bring any configurations in plans. Though was to clean one adapter enough.

But in 24 hours of Apple silently changed rules, having cleaned that point and having allowed POP to meet with of probable approval within the certification program. James Siminoff, one of founders of the project, was very surprised and at all so long since said to all "investors" about renewal of work on an accessory. This decision was given it hard: for the unknown reasons, even after a configuration of rules James did not long to revive POP, and changed the point of view only after numerous questions of probable clients.

Curiously that after receiving refusal of Kickstarter on the basis of last rules, founders of the project hastened to call was the lost buyers on an own "kraudsorsingovy" site. It is necessary to guess only, whether there was "boy". For 140 with superfluous thousand dollars it is possible to be delivered and not of such battery so at present POP is doomed to exist in the abyss of thousands other similar accessories. [macrumors]