The Kickstarter-project covered because of intractability of Apple

The Kickstarter-project covered because of intractability of Apple

The Apple likes everything to supervise, but from time to time its requirements to partners pass reasonable borders. That is a case or not — judge.

The Californian company Edison Junior addressed to users of Kickstarter with a request to finance creation of the universal charger under POP title. On the majority of such devices there is a certain number of USB ports to which it is necessary to connect different cables, and already to them — mobile equipment. POP itself is equipped with the cables hidden inside — to you to unwind certain of them enough and to connect the sat-down device. Including two cables with 30-pinovy sockets, and two more — with Lightning sockets were provided. Here also there was a discrepancy.

The Apple from now on does not grant the right to sell an accessory under the Made for iPod brand (iPhone, iPad — necessary to allocate) if it does not meet its severe requirements. Among requirements — here what: the combined adapter (both 30-pinovy, and by Lightning) is inadmissible, choose something one.

We in rage. I consider them as a small group of morons and I think that they harm to the clients.

— CEO Edison Junior James Siminoff

This question was not in advance worked, therefore the company managed to collect on implementation of the project actually 140 thousand dollars. Creation is cancelled, it will be necessary to return all means — but the Kickstarter system does not allow to make it the machine gun. Totally on additional transfers and costs of Edison Junior will lose about 11 thousand if only the administration of service does not crawfish. And precisely it is not necessary to lay down that on the popyatny the Apple will go! It is interesting to know, in what sacral sense of a ban on a combo adapters? To urge on realization of an expensive adapter with Lightning on the 30-pinovy socket? [venturebeat]