Scosche Revolt H4 and Recoil II. If in the house there is a lot of iGadgets

Scosche Revolt H4 and Recoil II. If in the house there is a lot of iГаджетов

Scosche not the beginner in the market of accessories for production of Apple and quite often its decision happen are very unusual. To be convinced of it, it is enough to remember clipSync, freeKEY, Switchback Surge G4 or guide attention to new chargers for iГаджетов and not only: Scosche Revolt H4 and Recoil II.

When in a family there is iPhone (and happens, what not one), iPad, pair of iPod players, plus some other portable gadgets, their additional charge can become, in particular, if it is necessary to fill with discrepancy an energy stock at a two-three of devices to a descent. A problem with wires and power units, shortage of electric sockets — all this is inconvenient and unpleasant. Scosche Revolt H4 in a certain degree can facilitate life as allows to charge to a meeting four devices, supporting such process through USB port.

Though what of ports of the power unit it is capable to give out capacity in 10 Watt (2,1 amperes), in other words, it can be used even for additional charge of iPad of all generations. Without considering standard there is still a Revolt H4 Pro model, differing a delivery set in which without considering the accessory also the universal cable with micro-USB port and 30-pinovy Apple dock-konnektorom enters. Not including that, on the market the facilitated version, Revolt H2/H2 Pro will arrive. It more малогабаритна, is armed with only 2 ports USB and will cost $40 (about the prices of the senior model while data are not present)

The Scosche Recoil II charger is less universal, but looks more perfectly. Upon this car the adapter for additional charge of all iГаджетов, including iPad. It differs from a heap of analogs built in dock-konnektorom with the extension piece on the coil.

Scosche Revolt H4 and Recoil II. If in the house there is a lot of iГаджетов

Also it is necessary to mention more compact, but less powerful Revive H2/H4 STORAGES. Though what of USB ports in them 5 Watt gives out only, in other words, such accessories are suitable for additional charge of phones and players. [Engadget]