JAMBOX And BIG JAMBOX. Wireless portable loudspeakers

JAMBOX And BIG JAMBOX. Wireless portable loudspeakers

All audiosystems sound differently. Expensive entertain hearing of users, but strike powerful blow to a purse, and cheap opposite, in places even cut. A certain music fan constantly is in searches of golden mean and can absolutely be that BIG JAMBOX from the known producer of Jawbone is direct it and is.

BIG JAMBOX will turn though what your mobile device into a small audiosystem of hi-fi. Management is realized distantly on Blyutuz 2.1 + by EDR with possibility of use of buttons on JAMBOX for a suspension, playing and the admission of multimedia. Thanks to precisely adjusted drivers and a double passive radiator of the basses, the reproduced sound will be always spotless and huge on though what loudness.

Exclusive development of LiveAudio will allow to take pleasure in three-dimensional binaural records without use of earphones. Introduction of LiveAudio became possible as JAMBOX has the built-in computer using patented ways of management of processing of audio.

The software of JAMBOX can be updated in MyTALK system that means possibility of installation of new appendices and software updatings for expansion and improvement of functionality.
Thanks to a design from stainless steel and to the small size you to cможете to take BIG JAMBOX with itself everywhere, and the cover acquired separately for carrying will provide protection on a trip.

JAMBOX And BIG JAMBOX. Wireless portable loudspeakers

The device is equipped with Micro USB port, a 3,5-millimetric nest for earphones, buttons for a configuration of level of loudness, a suspension of playing and change of tracks, and also with the built-in microphone with coverage 360 ° which allows to accept calls and to answer them, to speak in a video chat of Skype, GoogleTalk, FaceTime and similar without the aid of hands.

Loudspeakers:                 JAMBOX BIGJAMBOX
Sizes:         15,5 x 5,7 x 4 cm  of 25,6 x 8 x 9,3 cm
Weight:             0,34 kg         of 1,23 kg
Operating time from
accumulator:        10 h.           15 h.

The built-in accumulator on 2600 mAh will provide continuous 15-hour work of a column. Also the device is switched off by the machine gun after several minutes if with it it is synchronized nothing.

BIG JAMBOX is delivered together with a stereocable in length of 1,5 m, micro USB cable in length of 0,9 m, the device of a charging and small management.

At BIG JAMBOX extremely powerful sound among devices of the similar sizes. Process of interface to iOS the device occupies pair of seconds, only right at the beginning you will hear small whistle which also will be audible at loudspeaker switching off, and the pleasant ladies’ voice notifying you that the loudspeaker is ready to the future synchronization. The device can be connected to a meeting with 8 accessories and remain synchronized with 2 descent.

JAMBOX And BIG JAMBOX. Wireless portable loudspeakers

The novelty will be on sale in cases of red, dark and gray flowers. The device will enter the market on May 15 on the prices in $299 dollars but for now you can make the advanced order on a company site.