BabyPhone. Our love radionyanya

BabyPhone. Our love радиоНяня

When in a family the child is born, some mummies become so uneasy that cannot depart from at all cradle to pee. That to speak about a campaign to the neigbour behind salt: suddenly the kid will wake up and will start to cry?

In this regard it is possible to get the radio nurse. More or less applicable model in Moscow costs 2000 rubles.

BabyPhone. Our love радиоНяня

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BabyPhone. Our love радиоНяня
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But if you the owner of iPhone, the radio nurse costs to you 55 rubles, after all in App Store there is a number of the remarkable programs turning phone into remote communication with the child. Having tried a little, I recommend visit a look for BabyPhone.

BabyPhone. Our love радиоНяня

Having put the kid to bed, start the program and leave iPhone in the nursery. If the child wakes up and will begin to cry, iPhone itself will call you on the 2nd phone designated in settings. BabyPhone allows to adjust level of crying and to expose time of an active call; usually minute suffices to understand about a situation in a room, to tell to the neigbour «Pasib, the girlfriend!» and to jerk on ladder march to the apartment.

We look video.

Understand, ways of introduction of this utility unlimited quantity. It is possible to look practically for though what rooms and, the main thing, BabyPhone it is not limited in any way to distance to you unlike dear radio nurses (< 300 метров).

Price: $1.99 [iTunes link] – a season of discounts of 50 %.