Unusual advertizing of protective films of Clearplex

Unusual advertizing of protective films of Clearplex of

The usual American prairie, MacBook Pro, two iPhone 4 and the grandmother with the rifle AR-15 in hands. In these several words all essence of the commercial of the producer of protective films of Clearplex went in.

To survive in the market of accessories for iPhone — occupation not from ordinary. During existence of 1 of the most favourite in the world of phones of producers of covers and пленочек appeared so many that the user and itself already became puzzled, to whom to run with the means. The Clearplex company decided to demonstrate, why first it is necessary to go to them:

On a warming up to peaceful in appearance to the grandmother MacBook Pro which was brutally mutilated with the rifle AR-15 got. Two iPhone to which it neatly got from distance already by means of the 20-kaliberny gun Benelli further followed. From 2 phones as it appeared, one suffered only — what was without Clearplex film. the 2nd remained whole and safe in addition without scratches. Looks convincingly and costs not much — 13 American dollars on a company site.