In a cable of Lightning found the chip. Do not buy extraneous cables

In a cable of Lightning found the chip. Do not buy extraneous cables

In own shops Apple sells USB cables under the new Lightning socket for 19 dollars. And makes if to trust analyst Minh-Chi Kuo — for 3,50 dollars. On yours, the difference between prime cost and retail price is very great? It is less, than in a case with a cable under a 30-pinovy konnektor. The old cable in retail too costs 19 dollars though the Apple for each copy gives approximately on 45 cents.

But we will lay aside avidity of figures of Kupertino. It is more important that the cable of Lightning is more expensive in seven and a half times of analog. Why? The reason is found, and it serves as good incentive to fill directly welfare of Apple, instead of someone another.

"Thunder" and "lightning". Thunderbolt and Lightning. iFixit allowed miss, without having tried to study more in details a new cable. Also it is the same masters who vpervy found chips in Thunderbolt cable. How they did not guess at present, despite all analogy in titles?

It is heavy to tell, whether St. Petersburg from the Double Helix Cables company guessed. Something forced it to remove plastic корпусок from a cable, and later to make too most with a steel casing inside. And and, it found a certain chip on a way from contact of V + the USB socket to 1 of contacts of a food of Lightning. St. Petersburg presented that the chip is necessary for authentification — i.e. the socket will not work, if into it to insert a cable without the suitable chip.

In a cable of Lightning found the chip. Do not buy extraneous cables

The morals are very simple: do not buy cheap cables of other producers (those can be found abroad). the 20-dollar cable from Apple entered the market only at present, and time at least will be necessary for foreign engineers to understand technology.

These cables cannot be in no way functional. You cannot repeat Lightning cable, having simply copied a form and the connection scheme, and my work proves it. The chip should be inside, and is direct — on a wire of V +.

— St. Petersburg, Double Helix Cables

The unique cable of Lightning, certainly, is in a set of iPhone 5 and will be in a set of each of new iPod. []