Puzzlebox Orbit. Actually without hands

Puzzlebox Orbit. Actually without hands of

Puzzlebox – the American company which is engaged in distribution of technologies, connected with management of various equipment by force of thought. In an extent of 2 years it makes helicopters, management with which is carried out in the similar way, for television and schools, and is now ready to make it for each of us. Puzzlebox Orbit – the toy helicopter operated by means of the neuro and computer or brain interface.

Puzzlebox Orbit is a spherical design in which it is located itself вертолетик. There is also a base from which we will start our toy. It is executed in the form of the truncated piramidka, on one of which sides there are the light-emitting diodes showing level of our concentration. But how impulses of our brain are read out? For this purpose NeuroSky font serves.

Puzzlebox Orbit. Actually without hands of

The main feature of the company will be that all its technologies are available to ordinary mortal inhabitants. Here mean not only ON and the iron, available to a kastomizatsiya, well both video lessons and instructions, a la make.

One of basic achievements of Puzzlebox – entering in the Guinness Book of Records. "For the heaviest car (56,2 tons) operated by means of the sensor supervising impulses of a brain".

Puzzlebox Orbit. Actually without hands of

On Kickstarter the project appeared on November 8, and fund raising will end on December 8. The company developer asked $10000, and in 10 days collected more than 20. This indicator, as usual, is directly proportional to enthusiasm from potential buyers.

Outside actually 2013, and such rates, in a couple of years, we will not only operate cars by force of thought, but also to fly on them. Future already absolutely nearby, and Puzzlebox Orbit superfluous to that confirmation.